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Learn how to use Tabby Pay to send and receive transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

What will the $CAT token be used for?


When we were building Tabby Pay, we realized just how difficult and cumbersome the user experience would be if all transactions required $CAT tokens in order to process. 

To ensure Tabby Pay achieves the highest level of adoption possible, we've built the app to allow all users to send $ETH without the need for another secondary token. This will ensure all users are able to gain value from Tabby Pay and will also help to streamline the user experience substantially. 

However, we do feel it's important to integrate $CAT into our ecosystem in ways that make sense and ultimately provide value for the end user. 

After the initial launch of Tabby Pay, we will be implementing a fee structure that will be structured as a small percentage on all outbound transactions*.

We’re offering discounts for anybody who has CAT tokens in their wallet. You’ll receive up to 50%* off the Tabby Pay fees simply for owning the tokens. Our contract will check your CAT balance prior to charging a fee and will apply the discount automatically.

This is just one of the ways we plan to implement the $CAT token into the Tabby ecosystem. We'll have more concrete information on this after the initial launch period. 


*Note: The exact fee structure is still being ironed out. 

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