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Is the official ticker $CAT or $BKCAT?


Great question. 

In the early days, we were set on using $CAT across all user touch-points and exchanges. However, over the past few months another company has begun using the $CAT ticker instead, and has already listed on a number of exchanges. 

For now, it depends on which exchange you're purchasing CAT tokens on. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Cryptopia (Ticker: $BKCAT
  2. EtherDelta (Ticker: $CAT)
  3. Radar Relay (Ticker: $CAT)
  4. Idex (Ticker: $CAT)


We're currently evaluating possible solutions to this problem, including (but not limited to) officially changing our ticker. We don't have any updates yet, but rest assured that this is something we're conscious of and are eager to find a solution for. 

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